Intrepid like the Barbarossa pirate or curious like kittens, your children want to escape. They want to explore the world and experience new adventures. Gruissan is the dream playground for all parents looking for moments of complicity. The Tourist Office offers a selection of activities to try out with your family during the holidays or a weekend in summer.


Savor cotton candy at a funfair 

Duck fishing, merry-go-rounds, ghost trains or bumper cars are synonymous with maximum excitement and uncontrolled laughter for your little darlings. In Gruissan, there are not one but two carnivals! The first is located close to the beach of the chalets, the second nicknamed "le Pirat parc" is next to the port. In both cases, you let yourself be won over by the magic of the atmosphere, you stroll between the rides and can't resist tasting the famous "cotton candy". The huge sweet pink cloud is bigger than your elder's head! Souvenir photos, thrills provoked by several attractions, toffee apples and churros... This family evening promises to mark your holidays! 


The little red train

Comfortably seated in a carriage of the little red train, you are about to experience a lovely one-hour ride. As a family, with the little one who is impatient, you know that your idea will cause a stir. You will unravel some of the mysteries of Gruissan while ensuring the approval of your children who had no desire to walk at all! Your partner is also seduced by this alternative. The driver's commentary gives you ideas for activities to do throughout your stay. All you have to do is organize it all!  



An activity closely linked to holidays, mini-golf has the advantage of uniting all generations. The Gruissan course has 18 holes in the shade of the pines with more or less difficult modules. Whether you are a novice or on the contrary an expert, you will not be able to resist the good mood caused by mini-golf. Laughter guaranteed when your partner tries three times to pass an obstacle, while his offspring, from the height of his 3 years, gets there the first time!

Thursday and Friday

A first dive

Does the discovery of the seabed fascinate you? Try a first dive! From the age of 8 and once you have mastered the basics of swimming, you can learn to scuba dive. During your first immersion, an instructor supervises you, you descend to a depth of around 6 meters and discover the pleasure of breathing underwater. Immersion observation has nothing to do with snorkeling. Here, you are with the fish and evolve alongside them. The inhabitants of the Mediterranean reveal the full range of their colors. A magical, mysterious and silent world opens up to you.  


A game of beach volleyball on the chalet beach 

What better way to make holiday friends than practicing a team sport? In Gruissan, beach volleyball is THE emblematic sport of summer. Each year, land is installed on the beach of the chalets. Beginners or adepts, your darlings are invited to exchange a few balloons facing the Mediterranean. Two young girls from the Gruissan club teach them the basics of the practice and adapt to the level of each. Gruissan is a nationally recognized volleyball club. Moreover, some players are part of the France team! Your children are in good hands and don't miss a tip from the champions.

Volleyball in the sun

From 7 to 12 years old.

Weekly registrations, Monday to Friday. Registration on site on Monday at 9 am, 45 euros.

From 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. in July and August, beach volleyball court, row 1 chalets.

Children should bring water bottles, sunscreen and caps.

First dive


Let go at the Aqualudic Park  

It's impossible not to delight your darlings by planning an afternoon at the Balnéo de Gruissan water park! You hurtle down the slopes of the toboggans at full speed for a very soaked finish. The bursts of laughter of your youngest child never cease to resonate! The oldest explores the recesses of the village of inflatable games: mounted on springs, he enjoys bouncing on the reliefs of his castle! The whole family gets together for a dip in the outdoor swimming pool before lounging on the deckchairs with a good snack.



Who said you had to be an adult to ride a jet ski? In Gruissan, it is possible to introduce the little ones to thrills! The latter ride mini jet skis in complete safety. Like the grown-ups, they accelerate and bounce on the waves... Your darlings' eyes are filled with wonder, they think they're champions! You remain attentive to each of their prowess and cannot resist imagining them, later on, as Olympic winners. You do not suspect the power of the jet kid!

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