Intrepid like the Barbarossa pirate or curious like kittens, your children want to escape. They want to explore the world and experience new adventures. Gruissan is the dream playground for all parents looking for moments of complicity. The Tourist Office offers a selection of activities to try out as a family during the holidays or a weekend. Even in winter, you will find something to do!

Les jolis points de vue le long du sentier  faisant le tour de l'étang de Gruissan


Walk around the pond

The tour of the pond could well delight your little ones while making them evolve in a spectacular natural setting! You manage to motivate them to explore the 7 kilometers that surround the pond. Your children can get a close look at the wildlife that finds shelter in the lagoons. Egrets, great cormorants, gray herons or black-headed gulls… display their most beautiful profiles through your binoculars. Your children are fascinated by the proximity of the pink flamingos: the stars of the pond seem to be lounging peacefully on the shores you are walking around. The route is punctuated by panels which explain, among other things, the traditions of local fishermen (the trabaques). When adventures and pedagogy mingle, you do not see the kilometers go by!  

Chasse au trésor à Gruissan


Take part in a treasure hunt

Throughout the year, "the secrets of Barbarossa" or "the curse of the seagull", make you discover the legends of Gruissan. You unravel mysteries and survey the emblematic places of the village. You let yourself be immersed in the meandering streets of the village or in the heart of the La Clape massif to detect clues. For a little over an hour, you take yourself for a corsair and combine exploration and riddles.

Promenade Vélo Ayguades


Pedal on the cycle path to the Ayguades beach. Gruissan offers 19 cycle path routes! The walk that leads to Ayguades beach is a must. Perched on your bicycle, you enjoy a limitless panorama. The Mediterranean stretches endlessly before you. As the sun goes down, a refreshing sea breeze caresses your hands. You press frantically on your pedals with the illusion of touching the horizon. The family forgets all the stress accumulated during the year and recharges the batteries.

Thursday and Friday

saddle his mount

This day is eagerly awaited by your darlings because it is that of the little horseback riding. It is in the heart of the Regional Natural Park of Narbonnaise that you put yourself in the saddle. Before departure, take a look at the animal, observe the beauty of its appearance. Meet his gentle gaze and above all enjoy this contact with man's oldest companion. Slowly, you meander on paths between ponds and scrubland that line the landscape.

The Ayguades Equestrian Tourism Center and the Manade Tournebelle offer rides according to level. If you want to extend your day with your faithful steed, push the door of the manade and experience a traditional Camargue day. You will be amazed by the mad cavalcade of bulls. Their ebony coats contrast with those of Camargue horses.

paintball hiver

Getting started with mini paintball  

Hidden behind the trunk of an umbrella pine, you hide your weapon. Your mission is to attack your opponents and dislodge them from their base camp. Your team has hatched a foolproof plan to achieve their ends. You place yourself strategically in support of the most daring who suffer the first colored shots! It's not easy to come out of your hiding place, but you have to support the first suicide bombers! You can't stifle your laughter and your opponents spot you. The equipment is very suitable for children: small balls and airless guns are the winning combo for games of real fun. All without any apprehension of the impacts which are obviously not painful.

The war will leave traces in the hearts. Indeed, you have just built memorable memories with your darlings who are still laughing.

centre equestre
Horseback riding is a great idea to please children during the winter holidays.
Le coucher de soleil à la plage du Grazel


Letting go at Grazel   

The long stretch of sand on Grazel beach awaits you. You again feel the small grains of fine sand slipping between your toes. You breathe in the spray with full lungs! Your little ones do not necessarily want to contemplate but you have your Sioux technique to ensure a few minutes of calm: a pancake! Once the crepe has been swallowed up, a few sand castles decorate the beach. The moment seems suspended, out of time. Your children let themselves be won over by the magic of the sunset. Bird Island, adorned with a thousand colors, falls asleep.

perle gruissanaise degustation


Enjoy the sea at the Perle Gruissanaise. This is a popular address in Gruissan: the Pearl of Gruissanaise! You love seafood and as fine connoisseurs you quickly understand that they are excellent here. Each member of the family composes their tray. Oysters, whelks… and half a brown crab will be the stars of your meal. Then, head to the rooftop to embrace the sea. What an amazing view! Your little sailor carefully peels his prawns while your gentle gazes at the horizon, between the Mediterranean Sea and the Clape massif. The boats pass and the seafood platter passes away!

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