As nature slowly awakens from its winter sleep, Gruissan adorns itself in its most beautiful finery. We offer you a captivating walk to try in February: the flowering of the almond trees and the courtship of the pink flamingos.

Nature escape

The sun is out for this Gruissan winter getaway. The temperatures are slowly warming up and this makes you want to escape with your tribe. No beach outings and aperitifs on the terrace, but rather the discovery of secret landscapes that winter envelops in its cloak of silence. 


Explosion of colors 

First stop, you decide to gain height on the Pech des Moulins. Gruissan reveals itself before your eyes displaying its most beautiful palette of pastel colors thanks to the flowering of the almond trees. The village is a living painting where the colors mix harmoniously. The captivating aroma of flowers delicately perfumes the atmosphere, inviting you as walkers to a sensory experience.  


Bucolic walk

The buds are slowly blooming, announcing the promise of a renewed spring. You are immersed in a peaceful and preserved setting. Your excursion does not end here since you are determined to observe this strange ballet that we have told you so much about: the nuptial parade of the pink flamingos.

La walk continues towards the'Ayrolle. The children are happy to explore lth village from pêchoirs with picturesque charm. The time is right to do pretty photos. In your goal, the salty lagoons of an azure blue où flamingos court each other.  


Love, love, love 

Time stops. Only the gossip of these birds resonates. Indeed, the pink dancers share very lively confidences. Under the sun, the flamingos launch into a choreography bursting with mischief. With theatrical poses, flirtatious wing beats and mastered head games, they play extravagant seducers, flirting openly to the laughter of the reeds. Without a doubt, the “best» feathered romantic comedy of the year 


Mediterranean jewel

Your little budding naturalists have their senses awakened. Your well-being break in symbiosis with Gruissanot nature ends with a magnificent sunset. The Ayrolle pond is also a great spot to admire it.

Gruissan, a wild jewel in the heart of the Mediterranean, invites you on an authentic journey where the preserved landscapes promise zen walks. The flowering of the almond trees and the parade of pink flamingos are an invitation to let yourself go, to reconnect with the simple pleasures that nature generously offers. Gruissan proves to be a sanctuary for those seeking moments of pure relaxation. Happiness is not that far away...  

Ideas for walks in winter

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