Fall in love

Yes, it was love at first sight that struck me when I discovered Gruissan, what am I saying, a gust that swept over me - unless it was Cers -!

Gruissan forever

Since my marriage in the town hall of Gruissan, I have been there; sometimes on the water, sometimes below, frolicking in the Clape or haunting the Salins, but always with my finger on the shutter of a camera… Why? You just have to come to a stop in front of the light emanating from the Ayrolle to understand everything. Spot blessed by painters and photographers… But Gruissan cannot be told, no… it lives, it feels, and luckily, lets itself be photographed.

Back to basics

If you're curious about everything like me, you'll probably be looking for the Ocellated Lizard basking in the sun between a pile of stones and an umbrella pine on the Goutine trail.

You will follow that of the Goules, where the waters of the pond merge with the blue of the sky. I love continuing my way to the cliffs of St-Martin, the “small creeks of Gruissan”. Here, nature invites serenity. I try to capture the nuances of green and I do not miss the “golden hour” which reveals all the beauty of this site.


“I came to Gruissan by chance and I come back for love. " 

A good plan during your holidays in Gruissan 

On the beach of Ayguades, as well as on other beaches of Gruissan, there is an ancestral fishing method: Caluche fishing. It is called in Gruissan, "beach senne fishing" (the "senne" is a net). Depending on the weather and available places, contact Jean-Jacques GALY, 06 51 15 39 55. 


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