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That's it ! Holidays at last! As soon as you get out of the car, you are in « chill mode », the wind caresses your face and the sun makes you blink! Your friends are already all excited at the idea of ​​discovering the activity of the day: canoeing.

You have put on your best swimsuit, your sunscreen is in your bag, polarized glasses screwed on your head, you are ready to explore the nautical base of theMateille pond. The flat water stretches for more than 2,5 kilometers. It is home to incredible flora and fauna and Akila Nautic Mateille offers to explore it more closely by canoe.


The boat is ideal for you because you can sail there in small groups of three. Your girlfriends are already laughing at the briefing of the instructor who equips you with life jackets. "Watch out girls, who's going to win the canoe race?" 3, 2, 1, 0 to your paddles! ".

Canoe départ
Canoe plage

Small boats slip by between the buoys that mark your route. For the less courageous, the coach explains that even if you capsized, the pond is not deep. If you know how to swim, the space is ideal for beginners. That's good !

Beyond the fun aspect, the activity allows you to feel closer to nature. You bend down to spy on some bubbling saoucanelles and let your hand glide over the water. The breath of a flight of flamingos passing nearby calls out to you and moves you.

Canoe bataille

The brunette is sunburned, the blonde has a cramp but you have created some great memories! The coach recommends that you explore the shores of the Lido. It is a coastal barrier that separates the sea from the lagoons of the pond. And it is true that it is well worth a few strokes of the paddle! On one side there is the Clape massif which stretches as far as the eye can see along the shores of the Mateille pond, and on the other the Mediterranean! It is simply amazing!

Canoe eau

The girlfriends are under the spell! Tomorrow they all want to come back to test paddle boarding, windsurfing, fun boating, catamarans… and even the optimist! Very promising! 

Canoeing with girls on video

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