Escale en mer à Gruissan 


Stopover at sea in Gruissan 

Posted on 8.08.2023
Your sailboat glides gently over the Mediterranean. Eyes riveted on the horizon, hands clinging to the helm, you look for warning signs of the arrival towards Gruissan. the outer harbor takes shape in 50 shades of blue.  

Que faire quand il y a du vent à Gruissan 


What to do when it's windy in Gruissan 

Posted on 4.08.2023
A strong wind has decided to blow during your stay in Gruissan. Under the gusts, the morale of the troops is running out of steam. Do not panic. Gruissan is full of ideas for fun, activities to try and sites to visit.

Top5 des visites guidées


Top5 guided tours

Posted on 22.06.2023
Are you interested in an original and easily accessible walk? So come and follow the history of the Port de Plaisance in Gruissan!


Chill au Formentera


Chill in Formentera

Posted on 15.06.2023
A stone's throw from the Mediterranean, the Formentera IS the exceptional establishment in Gruissan. To make your beach “afternoon” unforgettable, you and your group of friends head for the best place to relax. A place with an original concept, Formentera is the perfect haven of peace to end your day.

nightclub car park

Une journée d’été au parc de l’Espace Balnéo


A summer day at the Espace Balnéo park

Posted on 16.08.2022
The moment of relaxation for parents finally arrives with the gentleness of little hands on your back. The massage is peaceful, you fall asleep slowly, heading to the land of dreams. It's done, the Mediterranean climate is made for you and you live the Gruissan experience to the full. You find Papou, Mamoune and their grandchildren. Exhausted […]

Une semaine avec les enfants en été


A week with the children in summer

Posted on 9.08.2022
Monday Savoring cotton candy at a fairground Duck fishing, merry-go-rounds, ghost trains or bumper cars are synonyms of maximum excitement and uncontrolled laughter for your little darlings. In Gruissan, there are not one but two carnivals! The first is located close to the beach of […]

Tester le Wingfoil à Akila Nautic Chalets


Test the Wingfoil at Akila Nautic Chalets

Posted on 18.08.2021
Kite and Wake enthusiast, are you looking for an activity that combines all these sensations? The Wingfoil is made for you! This new sport consists of being towed (by a sail or a boat) on a foil (a board that takes off from the surface of the water). Akila Nautic Gruissan offers initiations. […]

Mettez les voiles en petit bateau électrique !


Set sail in a small electric boat!

Posted on 18.08.2021
Do you want your loulous to take themselves for real pirates? How about sailing independently on the outer port of Gruissan? Gruissan's small electric boats transform all visitors into budding sailors! No need to have a boat license, these electric boats are available to everyone! After 3 hours […]