Une semaine avec les enfants en hiver


A week with the children in winter

Posted on 11.02.2022
Monday Go around the pond The tour of the pond could well delight your little ones while making them evolve in a spectacular natural setting! You manage to motivate them to explore the 7 kilometers that surround the pond. Your children can get a closer look at the wildlife that finds shelter in the […]

Trottup, la trott’ électrique tout terrain


Trottup, the all-terrain electric scooter

Posted on 20.12.2021
On vacation, discovering new activities helps brighten up your daily life. Trottup popularizes all-terrain electric scooter excursions all over Gruissan. Get on your new mount and explore the beauty of the ponds or that of the vineyards thanks to this activity as fun as it is sporty. Immerse yourself in the heart of nature You […]

Résoudre des mystères avec la famille Gruissanot


Solve mysteries with the Gruissanot family

Posted on 22.10.2021
You want to explore Gruissan and its surroundings but your tribe has difficulty in motivating itself. Cultural tourism, very little for your children? We have the solution ! A treasure hunt ! The adventure The first route takes you around Saint-Martin Island. You have five clues to find and decipher. They You […]


Prenez soin de vous à l’Espace Balnéo


Take care of yourself at the Espace Balnéo

Posted on 18.08.2021
Between work, home and the tensions that can build up, you need to relax and do yourself some good. In Gruissan, the balneotherapy offers a range of activities the sole purpose of which is to soothe you. Here, the latest wellness techniques are accessible. In summer, the place has the advantage of having […]