The beach of the chalets was made famous by the film "37°2 in the morning". Emblematic place of the Aude, the houses on stilts are a real curiosity where it is good to recharge your batteries. There are many activities: swimming, paddling... not to mention the flavor breaks that will make your senses tingle. Everything a step away from Toulouse. Discover the chalets and beaches of Gruissan

The most beautiful beach on the Aude coast

The beach of the chalets is regularly elected as the most beautiful beach on the Aude coast: immense, unspoiled, timeless with its chalets on stilts and the Massif de la Clape as a backdrop. The sea is often calm, serene and surprises with its 50 shades of blue. A jetty has been built. It allows you to walk, jog, rollerblade ... or simply enjoy the laughter of the seagulls. The kids paddle in the water and no worries, they can touch the bottom on a long distance!

Practical info

The beach stretches for almost 1,8 km. Over this distance, up to row 11 of the chalets, you will find large FREE parking lots, enough to enjoy the beach without being stuck with your neighbor!  

Note that all car parks are free in Gruissan, including Grazel or Ayguades beach ...

A bit of history

The chalets, which were not yet on stilts, appeared in the 1850s. It was the time of the first sea baths and the beginning of seaside tourism in Gruissan. Built in wood by the people of Narbonne, these are holiday residences occupied only during the summer period, unrelated to the fishermen of the village.
It was only a few years later, after many floods, that the fishermen rebuilt them on stilts and then turned them into fishermen's huts. They were built in line facing the sea. These Chalets were destroyed by the German occupation because of the risk of landing on the Mediterranean shore. The chalets are then rebuilt but on a different plan: staggered and not in line in order to offer a sea view to as many inhabitants as possible.

Friendliness of aquí

Today 1330 chalets are arranged in 11 rows. Among this number, 300 houses are not considered as chalets because their owners also own the land. The other chalets were built on the maritime domain, the land therefore belongs to the State. The chalet residents then pay a lease, a right to use the land where it is forbidden, for example, to build partitions between neighbors.


Friendliness is around every corner: barbecue, aperitif, pétanque, the DNA of holidays here! Your neighbors will give you some anecdotes about these picturesque cabins. In their company, you unravel the mystery of chalet 37 ° 2. Friendships are forged for your greatest pleasure.


Quiet, camera, action!

It is here that Jean-Jacques BEINEIX shoots in 1985 the film ", known abroad as "Betty Blue" 37 ° 2 in the morning ”. A passionate love story that features Béatrice DALLE, Jean-Hugues ANGLADE and Gérard DARMON. Looking for the famous couple's chalet? We recommend you watch the film. You will quickly understand that it no longer exists!

5 beaches with changing reflections

4 beaches are supervised in Gruissan: the beach of chalets, Ayguades and Mateille, each as beautiful as the next, are immense beaches of fine sand where you will inevitably find a little corner away from your neighbors. That of Grazel is located in the outer harbor. It is a little more sheltered than its big sisters in case of wind. Its "Baie des Amours", bay of lovers invites you to take a stroll. 

The Vieille-Nouvelle beach is wild. To be in harmony with this unspoiled nature, our advice is to get there on foot or by bike.

> The beach of the chalets (1,8 km)

> Mateille beach (1,8 km)

> La Vieille-Nouvelle beach(4,5 km)

> Grazel beach (530 m)

> The Ayguades beach (1,4 km)

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