Du 12 May
au 21 May 2023

Gruissan - Les Chalets, a beach often swept by the winds and where it is necessary to "challenge" yourself by shaking the sails. "Challenges" from the four corners of the blue planet "fly off" each year for a windsurfing race of around 40km: the Défi Wind, a marathon of the seas, the one that the Cers accompanies and that we don't see nowhere else!

Défi Wind, THE windsurfing marathon

Every year for 20 years, at the Défi Wind, riders from all over the planet meet in Gruissan for the high mass of sail and wind. With 1800 participants, the défis are today qualified as the biggest windsurfind events in the world. An unprecedented challenge, an intense sporting performance because it is organized over one of the longest distances in competition: 40Km! If the defiers compete in all the rounds, they will have covered 320 km during the competitions, a madness! Impossible for you to miss such a spectacle between the beach of the chalets and the Mediterranean!

12/05 > 14/05/ Kite Challenge
15/05 > 17/05 / Wing Challenge
18/05 > 21/05/ Wind Challenge
Races 10 a.m.>18 p.m.
Concerts 19:02 p.m. > XNUMX:XNUMX a.m.
Chalet beach


A mythical event

Bringing together pros and amateurs on the same starting line to fight it out on a marathon course and share a common passion for sailing, this is the basis of this event, which began in 2001. During the first edition, about a hundred windsurfers were lined up at the start of the event. Since then, the enthusiasm has continued to grow to position the Défi Wind as the biggest windsurfing event in the world. In 2013, the Défi Kite followed in the footsteps of its predecessor. 


By confronting several hundred participants of all ages from 13 to 72 years old. The powerful wind conditions offered by the Cers (or the famous Tramontana) and the legendary departure  bringing together all the participants add to the legend. It is for this wind, this extraordinary course, this mythical start and this so special atmosphere that the best world specialists and the mass of amateurs come to take up the challenge at Gruissan. 


From all over the world, “riders” come together to share their passion. After the show on the water, meet ashore to stroll between the exhibitor stands or for the evening concerts.

The Defi Wind seen from the sky

Focus on the Défi Kite

Little brother of the Défi Wind by its concept and in its calendar traces (it takes place the week-end before), the Défi Kite brings together 250 Kitesurfers on the same starting line for a breathtaking show between air and sea. , the maximum number of kitesurfers for a 40 km race. It gives this incredible image of hundreds of colorful kites flapping in the wind. Full lengths 50 m from the sand + very flat water + a wind that can reach 40 knots = guaranteed sensations!



Expo & Co at the Defi Wind

There are other amazing moments to share. On the sidelines of the competition, the program is rich: initiation and trainigs to test these super fun sports, exhibition village to discover latest generation equipment and innovations, presentation of the stars with signing sessions and selfies for your kids, games and competitions for family fun, product tastings for gourmets, shop to stock up on stylish gear and clothes, film screenings to dream of and demos to contemplate! With more than 10 m000 on the ground, the set up of the challenges is essential!

Party Time

The other events that we all enjoy: the Defi Kite and the Defi Wind Party which showcase the riding spirit! The evenings are punctuated by numerous concerts. Pop, rock, electro atmosphere… there is something for everyone. The conviviality that reigns over this event undoubtedly contributes to the legend of the Defis!



For the accommodation of the participants, contact the organizers or the real estate agencies of Gruissan who will find you a rental for the week or a few days. The camper van area located a few meters from the beach is also open.  

Visitors are also reminded that all parking lots are free in Gruissan.