Le February 25 2023

Comedy show offered as part of the programming of the Théâtre de la Poste in the region.

She thinks that by calling this show that she will attract some galley slaves who think that they will sleep with her for only 20 bucks and once they are there they will realize that… well… no. And all of a sudden they will be forced to hear the nocturnal rantings and the life of this young hyper-potential and highly sensitive leftist Islamic eco-friendly feminist, or the reverse… She no longer knows, she has only slept 3 hours… She also says to herself 'by using inclusive writing on this pitch it will drive away people who want to vote Zemmour and who still can't digest the pronoun iel. And that's not so bad… She finally said to herself that by putting a sheep on her shoulder in a starry night, shrewd people will understand that she suggests insomnia and those who didn't have the ref will say to themselves " oh I'm stupid! Bah yes counting sheep yes…” laughing at themselves… It is therefore with these people that she would be happy to spend the night or at least 1h and a few…


February 25
Saturday Opens at 20:30 p.m.


Full price €20

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