Le 29 Janvier 2022

Don't have a pro! " That's enough ! », The Languedoc winegrowers shouted in Occitan
condemned to misery and exile, those who led 15 years of insurrectionary struggles until the tragic demonstration of Montredon-des-Corbières in March 1976. They formulated in their time a fierce, determined and united will to live and work in the country.
The singers Marie Coumes (La Mal Coiffée) and Laurent Cavalié collected their stories and mixed them with the Occitan poetry of the time, to tell this story of collective courage in music. The deaths of Montredon eclipsed in the eyes of all the greatness and the value of this struggle, which little by little, for lack of transmission, was being erased from memories. So, in the villages, during the vigils, the former militants rediscover their pride and the tongues are loosened.


January 29
Saturday Opens at 19 p.m.


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