Le 18 March 2023

Comedy show offered as part of the programming of the Théâtre de la Poste in the region.

Jimini et Cie offers you this play which has become a classic of popular theatre. André Domingués of the company Les Renés is an unforgettable, stupid François Pignon. He will be confronted with the cynicism of Pierre
Brochant played by Patrice Rocour. A Pierre Brochant whose wickedness cannot be fully expressed because of terrible back pain.
This is how Brochant, the mocker, will see the situation escape him in favor of a Pignon at the height of stupidity. François, while believing he was doing the right thing, was to destroy the comfortable situation of the great Parisian publisher. Financial situation as in love. Everything will escape Brochant's control. First the women will drift under the whims of Pignon. And then the economic situation which, under the effect of a narrow-minded tax inspector, will find itself irreparably compromised. Only Juste Leblanc will try, in vain of course, to console Pierre Brochant. But do you sincerely believe that he will succeed when he sees himself confronted with the formidable storm innocently unleashed by the "con" which we were supposed to make fun of?


The 18 Mars
Saturday Opens at 20:30 p.m.


Full price €25

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