Le 21 Janvier 2023

Comedy show offered as part of the programming of the Théâtre de la Poste in the region.

(Humour, dance and Music-Hall)
Imagine is a real physical and humorous performance, where sound effects, dance, singing, mime and stand-up mingle! Immerse yourself in a universe directly inspired by Charlie Chaplin, Jim Carrey, Buster Keaton or even Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire and Tex Avery… A real live comic strip! Two waiters decide, in full service, to change their lives and realize their dearest dream… That of creating their own show to play it on Broadway one day. Thus, the two servers become actors, the bar, a theater and the customers, spectators! They will draw on everything they like to create a funny, surprising and poetic show. It's a return to childhood, an ode to dreams, an incentive to make them come true. Imagine is a show for all audiences, to see with the family, from 6 to 106 years old. After triumphing at the Gaité Montparnasse theater and the Alhambra in Paris, at the Avignon festival and on the set of La France à un Incroyable Talent… Here they are now available near you! Rewarded in numerous comedy festivals, Vice Versa continue their mad ascent and never cease to amaze the public wherever they go!


January 21
Saturday Opens at 20:30 p.m.


Full price €20

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