As part of a concerted project between the City of Gruissan and the Departmental Directorate of Territories and the Sea, a prefectural decree exceptionally authorizes the circulation and parking of land motor vehicles from: JUNE 15 TO SEPTEMBER 15, 2024
On marked areas Mateille & Vieille Nouvelle beaches (see plans in the images)
Main goals :
Secure beaches, ensure the protection of natural spaces and protected species.
This decree aims to guarantee a safe and environmentally friendly seaside experience on the beaches of Gruissan, while protecting local fauna and flora. Visitors will be able to enjoy the magnificent landscapes of Mateille and Vieille Nouvelle while having the peace of mind that security measures are in place.
Discover Gruissan: Gruissan, a charming coastal town in Aude, is a popular destination for its magnificent beaches, its exceptional natural heritage, and its numerous outdoor activities. Whether you are a fan of water sports, hiking or simply looking for relaxation in the sun, Gruissan offers an idyllic setting for your summer vacation.
With these measures, Gruissan continues to position itself as a tourist destination of choice, combining safety, respect for the environment, and quality of life.

Gruissan is actively engaged in promoting soft mobility. We therefore invite everyone who can to use ecological transport, such as walking, cycling or public transport, to get around. Opt for sustainable mobility solutions to discover Gruissan and its surroundings while respecting the environment.


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