Du 17 May
au 19 May 2024

The Festejades: these 3 very very convivial days are open to everyone, to those who speak Occitan or not, to those who know how to dance or not, to those who like bodegas or not, to those who are from here or elsewhere . In short, it's the Fèsta d'Oc.


2024 program

Friday May 17

– From 18 p.m., streets of the village, brass bands and batucadas:
Le Betou, Bufa Tramontana, Les Fouzils, Le Oaï, Les Zestes D’esprits Frappés

– 20 p.m., church square, concert:

– 21:30 p.m., place GIBERT, concert:

Saturday May 18

– From 10 a.m. to 16 p.m., place GIBERT and Sablou
FESTEJOCS (children's entertainment)

From 17 p.m., streets of the village, brass bands and batucadas:
Tzila Brass, Buscant El To Street Band, Bufa Tramontana, O Maracuja, Le Oaï, Peaux Rouge Bateria

– 20 p.m., church square, concert:
The Bad Hairstyle

– 21:30 p.m., place GIBERT, concert:

Sunday, May 19

– From 10:30 p.m. to 16:30 p.m., place GIBERT and Sablou

– From 17 p.m., streets of the village, brass bands and batucadas:
Ho Peta, Buscant El To Street Band, Trastok'ts, O Maracuja, Peaux Rouge Bateria

– 20 p.m., church square, concert:

– 21:30 p.m., place GIBERT, concert:

Qu’es AquÒ?

Each year, the Festejades bring together 50 people who roam the streets of Gruissan during these three days of celebration. At the heart of Occitan culture, this exceptionally friendly festival is representative of the warm atmosphere that reigns in the South.

Combining discovery of local and musical flavors, this event is an opportunity to embrace the very traditions of the region. Put on your blue-striped T-shirt, official dress code of festejaïres and head for the old village. The smells of local products will show you the way to go.



Rhythm above all

The batucadas open the ball at the end of the afternoon. "Boom bam boom boom bam", people all around have the "smile" and do not hesitate to start a dance step. At the bend of an alley, a colorful fanfare is closely followed by a small Oc orchestra. Sounds that make the aperitif vibrate! Many ambulatory groups have capsized the Gruissanot by stock and heart: 100% Oaï Spirit, Batala la Rochelle, Balandran, Fouzils, Tarabastar, Peaux Rouges Bateria, Papaya Jam ...

Affiche Festejades 2024 site
A magnificent 2024 poster signed Ambre SALVAIRE

Concert atmosphere

Here in Gruissan we cultivate the art of celebration. Many artists offer you a varied repertoire. 80% of the stage programming highlights Occitan traditions. The concerts at Place Louis RACHOU, near the church, are carried by the crowd who like to string together a round, a scottish… to the sound of hurdy-gurdy wheels, accordions or polyphonies. Later on Place GIBERT, groups scouring the biggest festivals give you an appointment for mind-blowing concerts .


Some groups which came to put the Festejades on fire:

Sinsemilia, les Ogres de Barback, La Ruda, Babylon Circus, les Fatal Picards, Goulamas'K, Funky Style Brass, Lou Dalfin, Lou Seriol, Lhi Balos, Collectif 13, Nadau, Mouss & Hakim (Zebda), La RataTouille, Soviet Suprem, La Caravane Passe ...



The streets of Gruissan are charmed by the scent of Made in Aqui products. A cohabitation between land and sea, local wines and dishes to savor in the bustling atmosphere of the bodegas. The products here will make your mouth water. Grilled cuttlefish, oysters, mussels with ravigotte sauce, braised tuna, “chipirones”, snails… so many appetizing dishes to enjoy with family or friends.

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Party at daylight

Children can enjoy the party during the day as well. HAVE FUN WITH THE FAMILY and take part in FESTEJOCS, the first Olympics of Festejades! The Echo de la Granhote team has concocted a program worthy of the next Olympic Games in Paris.

As you go through the trials, accumulate points and win the title of FESTEJOCS champions. Your kids will love this challenge. The opportunity to spend a day full of emotions.

Like the previous editions, the Echo de la granhota association awaits you at its bodega during the day on rue Azibert for activities to share there too: giant treasure hunt, make-up workshop… or even balétis.


Before winning the supreme title of champion, children will have to overcome challenges.

THE GAMES: String game / Grindstone game / Target on the ground / Stick game (the last match) / Mess up everything with the bow / Power game 4 / Nail game / Tug of war / Tambourine ball game tournament

THE ROUTES: Course with barrels / Wheelbarrows and salt course / Sack race / 3-legged race / Egg race



In order to complete the security network put in place during the Festejades, free shuttles providing the journey from GRUISSAN can be used by people who do not wish to take their vehicle back.

Returns are expected:


For Narbonne:

- Departing from Dyneff Station in Gruissan at 23:00 p.m., 0:00 a.m., 1:00 a.m., 2:00 a.m.

- From nightclubs at 3:00 a.m., 4:00 a.m., 5:00 a.m.

Arrivals in Narbonne are scheduled in front of the theater.

For Vinassan and Armissan:

- Departing from Dyneff Station in Gruissan at 1h00 in the direction of Vinassan and Armissan

For Ayguades, Narbonne-Plage and St Pierre:

- Departing from Dyneff Station in Gruissan at 1h00 in the direction of Ayguades, Narbonne-plage and St Pierre La Mer

By shuttle

For the districts of Gruissan:

– Departing from Dyneff Station in Gruissan from 21:00 p.m.

Shuttles will also crisscross the districts of Gruissan (port / nightclub, chalets, Ayguades). An action necessary on the one hand to raise awareness and perpetuate responsible behavior, on the other hand to guarantee the safety of all.