Do you need a deep breath of fresh air? Do you want your friends to discover the most beautiful views of Gruissan, without giving up on exerting yourself by practicing a physical activity? Mountain biking trips are all indicated! They offer the advantage of exploring Gruissan and its surroundings. These routes take you from the edges of the ponds to Ile Saint-Martin, passing through the beach, the salt flats or the Clape massif.


Between lagoons and Clape

Whatever route you choose, you can enjoy the great outdoors in Gruissan. The scents of the garrigue perfume all the paths you take. Thyme, rosemary, wild mint, you take deep breaths to soak up the surrounding nature.

6 courses for all levels

The rocky paths of the Île Saint-Martin give you the calves! You press your pedals relentlessly so as not to lose the rhythm. Your friends are bickering over who will be the first to complete the island tour. You take a single track that winds through the middle of the Aleppo pines. You walk along the famous Gruissan creeks encouraged by the song of the cicadas. After overlooking the pond and taking a break in the vines, head for the beach. The scrubland gives way to the spray. You try to go as fast as one of the kite-surfers who are doing tricks. You are already dreaming of the seafood platter you ordered for your return...

vélo de coté

At the bend of a path, you learn that there are remains of a Roman port. When you launched the challenge, you were far from imagining all the discoveries that awaited you. On the physical side, the effort is constant. The drop is fairly low, so you are not too out of breath. You had not practiced mountain biking for a few years, so this recovery is therefore super suitable.

vélo descente vertical

Besides, you really appreciate the equipment you rented. The bikes are brand new and give you sensations that you never suspected.

cyclyste a fond

A sporting challenge

With 6 possible routes, you are already thinking of retrying the experience the next day, but this time, you will explore your physical limits. It will be in the direction of the plateaus and their height differences of approximately 610 meters. The effort should be more intense: ideal for a second day.

Mountain biking with friends on video

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