The audio descriptions of Gruissan allow you to discover the different aspects of our destination. If you are planning to visit Gruissan, these audio descriptions are a great way to familiarize yourself with the town before you arrive!

The Chapel of Notre Dame des Auzils

The Chapel of Gruissan
Ex Votos
Interior of the Auzils Chapel
The marine cemetery of Gruissan
History of the Auzils Chapel
The hermit's garden
The cenotaphs

Les Chalets

The Chalets of Gruissan
The Chalets of Gruissan episode 2

Les Salins

Les Salins and Saint Martin Island

The village

the Château de Gruissan and the legend of Barbarossa
From the Château de Gruissan to the Canal Sainte Marie
The circular village of Gruissan
pond fishing
Prud'homie and Saint-Pierre
the Church of the Assumption


History of the vine and wine
Wines episode 2

La Clape

The Massif de la Clape
The Massif de la Clape episode 2
From Pech Maynaud to the Massif de la Clape
The Gruissan flora