You want to explore Gruissan and its surroundings but your tribe has difficulty in motivating itself. Cultural tourism, not for for your children? We have the solution ! A treasure hunt ! This booklet is available in French AND in English!

Gruissan, the treasure of Occitania

This treasure hunt is organized around five courses where each site is the opportunity to decipher a secret message. You have to collect clues to open safes! The eyes of your kids become quite round. They already imagine themselves looking for a treasure filled with gold. « We're going to be rich mom, we're going to cover you in jewelry! ». This is a tailor-made activity to make them explore the territory without them realizing it. Let's go !

Let's go on an adventure!

The first route takes you around Saint-Martin Island. You have five clues to find and decipher. They lead you from the salt tables to a charming little square. You then head for the archaeological excavations before joining the Cercle nautique de Barberousse. The discovery of each enigma provokes maximum joy and excitement to your offspring! Casually, they effortlessly cover the 7 kilometers of the treasure hunt while darling and you can stroll. The breathtaking landscapes and the rich heritage of the island are incredible.

With such success, you start again the next day but by bike! Heading to the Massif de la Clape and its Allée des Naufragés. The little ones are in heaven. They already take themselves for real sailors at Notre Dame des Auzils (a chapel dedicated to them). They climb rocks, climb trees and make bouquets of aromatics. Your oldest child discovers rosemary and rubs the strands directly on his skin like "pirate's magic remedy". The 5 and a half kilometers of route go by super fast. You are proud to have succeeded in making them appreciate this superb natural setting.

Gruissan the entertaining

After this first discovery, the children are asking for more! You decide to complete the adventure with the exploration of the bird paradise: the pond of Gruissan. Five more clues to find! The little ones are racking their brains, but you are not left out! It is not always easy to decipher the puzzles. Your spirits are close to overheating, then you end the game in style. Cries of joy and laughter! You are the best parents in the world! Your youngest keeps the notebook that has guided you over more than 10 kilometers with the family.

Finally, you only have two routes left! The perfect opportunity to explore the marina as well as the narrow streets of the village. You have finally found a fun solution to move from the beach! In addition, this exploration system allows you to put the spotlight on sites that you would not necessarily have thought of visiting.

Thank you, the Gruissanot family!

Ask for the free booklet at the reception of the Tourist Office! You can also make a request by e-mail or telephone and we will send it to your address with all the necessary documentation to organize your stay in Gruissan.

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