Between work, home and the tensions that can build up, you need to relax and do yourself some good. À In Gruissan, the balneo center offers a range of activities the sole purpose of which is to soothe you. Here, the latest wellness techniques are accessible. In summer, the place has the advantage of having huge outdoor pools whit slides and games that delight the little ones. Get a massage while your little family enjoys the playground area: this is a perfect option! You entrust your kitties to their dads and disappear into the well-being zone for a few hours of chosen solitude.

massage balnéo

You start the day under the expert hands of one of the centre's masseuses. You are directed to an anti-stress massage of one hour. For sixty minutes, the fluid movements of the masseuse envelop you. No vague tickles with papaya but real movements which unravel the tensions. Little by little, you feel that you are letting go. Time seems to stand still, you enjoy the calm of the environment in all serenity: your little ones must be having fun outside. You feel that your body is lighter than when you arrived.

You don't stop there! You've come up with a program that promises to tone you up as much as it relaxes you. After you come to your senses, you head to cryotherapy. The concept ? Immerse your body in a cold room with temperatures ranging between -130 and -160 degrees! Your extremities are protected and your face stays out of the cabin.


The immersion lasts three minutes and you have to admit that the last seconds are a test! Your body is gripped by the cold. As soon as you leave, you will notice the benefits of the treatment: joint pain gone, relieved tension and your skin instantly regains all its elasticity. The technique is bluffing! Initially reserved for high-level athletes, this experience is now within your reach in Gruissan. To recover from your emotions, the session ends with a moment of relaxation: you are placed in a massage chair that diffuses heat. Your body is slowly recovering and you are already having trouble remembering what the word "stress" means!



Bubbling around during the holidays is your motto! This is good, because at the Espace Balnéo there are thousands of small bubbles in the various jacuzzis or whirlpools.

You paddle in a pool heated to 32 ° with salt from the Saline de Gruissan, ideal for muscle relaxation, then in a music bath for an invitation to travel. The frigidarium stimulates and promotes your body, while the massage jets and showers relax your muscles. Outside, swimming against the current awaits you: either you struggle, or you let yourself be carried away ... You then go to the aromatic hammam where the scent of eucalyptus swirls. Unless you prefer to let yourself be intoxicated by the heat of the sauna to end your journey in the Nordic pool?

Let go, the Espace Balnéo will take care of you.

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