Kite and Wake enthusiast, are you looking for an activity that combines all these sensations? The Wingfoil is made for you! This new sport consists of being towed (by a sail or a boat) on a foil (a board that takes off from the surface of the water). Akila Nautic Gruissan offers initiations. Prepare to test your sense of balance!


Head to the chalet district! The opportunity for you to walk a few rows of this mythical place. The chalets on stilts intertwine when you see your playground of the day: the famous beach from the film “37°2 in the morning”. The Mediterranean is waiting for you!

We are not going to lie to each other, mastering Wingfoil is not easy!

A word of advice: test this activity when the sea is smooth and the wind is reasonable.

Arnaud, your instructor, equips you with a wetsuit, a life jacket and explains everything there is to know about this strange machine. Safety is not relegated to the background, Windfoil is an extreme sport.

On days when the wind is light, Arnaud tows you by boat: a good way to understand how to master the basics of the foil. Kneeling on the board, gazing at the horizon, you seek your point of balance. The coach explains where to place your feet in order to get up successfully.

Your first attempt results in a nice fall! And it won't be the last… Like all board sports, windfoil requires a lot of effort. After ten failures, you start to pick up. All the muscles in your body are tense, your abs are on fire!


parcours 4

If the wind is strong, you will tame the sail on the beach.

You begin to understand how to handle it. You are soon ready for the “foil + sail” combo. A little ab session before you start to warm up, and off you go! The gusts of wind fill your sail, the foil takes off instantly and you hold on!

WingFoil Akila zoom
vol ds le ciel

The speed is crazy and the sensations have nothing to envy to those of the kite. The landscape scrolls all around you. A colony of gulls take flight in your path. Between earth and water, there is total communion with the elements.

After so many emotions, a little break is in mandatory! You reach the nautical center for a drink against the backdrop of the sunset. The atmosphere is relaxed, amateurs tell their stories… Here the pros rub shoulders with beginners, without the hassle. The bartender turns up the music, you know it's going to be a long night. Hmmm! The holidays start well ...

The wingfoil in video

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